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Bilecart Salmon Champagne is just one of the outstanding products of Billecart-Salmon, a company that bases their superior champagnes on a slow and careful process. While this specific champagne is often towered over by the Brut Rose champagne variety, the taste and quality leaves quite the impression on champagne connoisseurs. The Bilecart Salmon Brut pair perfectly with food with its aromatic flavor of white currants yet, still lends the palate an aftertaste that is bone-dry. The wine is rich and firm, yet never over-powering its rich taste and structure.

The aromatic and spicy notes such as ginger and honey lend a great match to its firm yet lean wine character. Pale gold in color, this peach and pear medley plays on the senses and the nose is given quite the challenge. The aromatic note of spicy ginger lingers long after as well. This Brut Champagne balances mineral and firm structuring very well and if you are searching for all this in one champagne, then you will have done well in your search to find it. You will also find that this champagne is made with knowledge and backing from a very caring innovative source. Perfectly hitting the mark in product outcome, yet taking the time that is painstakingly necessary to bring such fine champagne to the table, truly makes the difference.

Champagne Rose price is very affordable. It is very light, fun champagne that also balances harmony within its very being. The blending of three different years worth of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier hand-picker from the region’s top grape sites, also lends this champagne its quality and versatility. The 50% Pinot Meunier is from the 2008 harvest, while the 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay is from the 2006 and 2007 harvest. The aging process allows for the perfectly matched notes and undertones of flavors, while melding the fruits for an unexpected surprise.

Champagnes of today are quite different from the ones that were made years ago. With better technology, comes better champagne of course. We now know that there are specific time frames in which to pick ingredients for perfected palate teasers. Just like fine wines, aging of ingredients are crucial for the well-rounded, astounding outcome of certain champagnes. All of these thoughts and processes go into making this exquisite and delightful champagne top of the line when compared to others of this variety.

Champagne that pairs well with all foods can be daunting however; Brut Champagne is the choice of many for weddings, galas or just dinner for two. The wide spectrum of versatility this champagne has, taunts many makers of fine champagnes. Having no rival, the champagne stands alone as one of the world’s most subtle, yet daring full fruited flavor that takes on a personality all its own. The following links ( and can allow you to see and experience the expertise of a renowned maker of fine champagnes. While there are many feelings that surface about this particular champagne, regret is not one of them.

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nam riddickpe Says:

2012-03-02 19:50

:) Finally, as spring begins to arrive, approaching is “Rose season” in my book! To me, excellent roses are redolent of spring itself, they are vitalizing and echo blossoming flowers and ripening fruit and the crisp acidic freshness reflects the coolness lingering in evenings! The NV by Billecart-Salmon is on my list of favorites. It is reputed as the best of rose Champagne, after all!


lint kelemensu Says:

2012-03-02 19:42

How could you discover and buy Elisabeth Salmon without its couterpart?! The Nicolas Francois Billecart cuvee is equally as interesting. And delicious. Albeit an altogether differently styled rose. The color is even aberrant as far as rose goes. (More gold than reddish or pink) It is aromatic of a lot of florals…heady. Naturally, sweet pastry notes or brioche notes are there, as well.


partain bainsis Says:

2012-03-02 19:30

I had never even heard of the Elisabeth Salmon cuvee until I started reading when I got into a period of just loving the heck out of the NV Rose. I think wines made in tribute are really special. So she was the ‘Salmon’ part of Billecart-Salmon. I splurged with a close friend and wine-partner-in-crime for a bottle of 2000. Exceptionally lovely it was. I found it to smell very exotic and warm and spiced. To make up a descriptor, ‘ruddy’ fruit characteristics are in this, like figs or dates. That color was nearly unbelievable,a shimmery coppered hue I’d love to paint on my walls.


spaff orddp Says:

2012-03-02 19:08

Time and time again we are enlivened by and pleased with the classic Billecart Salmon NV Rose. Though the nuances in the flavor change from release to release, there are always abundant and interesting fruit flavors and fine, beautifiul mousse. Rhubarb, currant, strawberry…peaches, pears..a spectrum of fruit. Balanced with the classic bread or pastry aromas. This is a wiine I feel goes with nearly anything.


cuddy spannr Says:

2012-02-20 21:35

My gosh, Clos Saint Hilaire is outrageously wonderful. Nearly as outrageously expensive. Great wines are worth the trade off, though! :) The clos in question is a single hectare footprint. Entirely a pinot, a Blanc de Noirs, obviously.


cuddy spannr Says:

2012-02-20 21:34

Yeh, Billecart-Salmon was part of the group of Champagne houses who started to concentrate on single-vintage and grand cru wines of single clos or blends, near 2000 or so. One of those phenoms that occur in the world of wine. Champagne is so entirely classic that a periodic refreshed approach is smart. I’m not totally sure but I believe Clos Saint Hilaire emerged around this time.


bake neves Says:

2012-02-20 21:32

3 words. love. the. pink! best for the ladies evening. delish.


dwigh moultonb Says:

2012-02-20 21:30

For what B.S. has done with that new-ish Sous Bois bottling, doesn’t set the buyer back for such value. What is so exciting about this one is that it’s made in the most traditional fashion, no stainless, all oak winemaking. And of course the oak imparts butter flavors and a dried character to the fruit. I found this when it was first released at my regular shop and of course the merchant steered me to it knowing how I love champagnes.


wilham masudag Says:

2012-02-20 21:25

Right pretty it is. If I’m not mistaken the Billecart-Salmon makers are in their 7th generation of family vignerons. And the rose has been around throughout. I do know the family uses all three Champagne grapes. For me, it’s a real study in balance. Quite deep and perfumed, a bunch of rich red fruits and a delicate orange rind but also all these notes that are somehow delicate, and of course the toastiness that is characteristic of champagne


hose shoemakerw Says:

2012-02-20 21:24

I havent had those just mentioned but everyone seems to know and love the nonvintage rose. Very “pretty” wine. All this sweet strawberry-dessert essence but dry!